Mel & Family

If you go down to the woods today…you’re sure of a treat. Leaf fights, hide and seek, squelchy mud, tree climbing..just a few activities on my photo sessions in the winter woods!
This photo session was so much fun. Enjoy!

(All photographs copyright of Kayleigh Tocock Photography. Please do not save, crop or altar the photos. Viewing purposes only.)Mel & Family

_DSC0136_DSC0138_DSC0147 - Copy_DSC0174_DSC0177_DSC0185_DSC0200bw_DSC0202_DSC0205_DSC0207_DSC0219_DSC0222_DSC0225_DSC0236_DSC0237_DSC0245_DSC0253_DSC0257_DSC0267bw_DSC0270_DSC0272_DSC0287_DSC0290_DSC0292_DSC0300_DSC0303bw_DSC0306_DSC0310bw_DSC0311_DSC0314bw_DSC0322_DSC0325_DSC0329_DSC0336_DSC0337_DSC0339_DSC0345_DSC0351_DSC0353_DSC0359_DSC0361bw_DSC0368_DSC0371bw_DSC0377_DSC0387_DSC0389_DSC0391_DSC0404


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